Presidency: North has four years deficit – PDP chieftain claims

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Kaduna State, Mr Bulus Bature has said that northern Nigeria still has four years deficit to equal Southern Nigeria in the presidency.

Speaking to LEAKBLAST in Kaduna on Wednesday, he explained, “For fairness to all sections in the country, the South supports the North in ensuring a Northerner emerges the President of the country in this coming election in order to equal the South on the years spent in the presidency.”

He added, “It is only when this is done that one can say that Nigerians are carried along in power sharing. We should be sincere to ourselves as a nation so that we work as a family and ensure that no section has an upper hand in leading the affairs of the country to the detriment of the other.”

“It is natural that we carry each other along in the leadership of the country. It will be unfair for a particular section in the country to dominate the leadership to the detriment of the other thereby creating unnecessary problems leading to killings and destruction of valuables simply because some feel cheated.”

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As a developing country, he observed that every part of the country should be given the opportunity to showcase its leadership potential, adding that it is by so doing that unity, peace and understanding would be attained for the development of the country in all spheres of life.

He added that those warning the North against their aspirations to the Presidency had no right to do so, as it was also their right to contest the office, as many times as they wish to, stressing, “everything should be done based on mutual understanding of each other for the overall development of Nigeria.”

He called on Nigerians to be sincere in all they do, especially in ensuring that the presidency is rotated between the North and the South for better understanding of each other to move the country to its promised land.

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