Brixton Academy crush: Only half recommended number of medical staff on duty

Only half the recommended number of trained medical staff were on duty the night that two people died in a crush at the O2 Brixton Academy, it has been claimed.

Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, and security guard Gaby Hutchinson, 23, died in hospital after a crowd surge outside the venue, as people tried to enter for a performance by Afrobeats artist Asake on December 15 last year.

Medical provider Colling wood Services Ltd has denied the allegations.

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The venue’s operating licence has been suspended as Metropolitan Police officers probe the fatal incident, including claims of lax security and concertgoers attempting to enter without tickets.

Whistleblowers at medical provider Collingwood Services Ltd have now told the BBC that a qualified paramedic was not among the five medical staff on duty for the 5,000-strong sell-out concert.

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