National Pizza Day 2023: Some absurd facts about pizza months

The time has come to wrap yourself in the warm, gooey embrace of cheese, settle into a heavenly array of toppings and chomp down on some comforting crust. It’s National Pizza Day.
Now, that’s not to be confused with National Cheese Pizza Day (September 5), National Pepperoni Pizza Day (September 20), National Pizza Month (October) and National Sausage Pizza Day (October 11).
There’s no doubt about it — folks do love their pizza.
Here are some absurd pizza facts, helpful tips and strong opinions to fuel your day of munching:

Do you crave pizza? There’s a reason

Pizza was ranked as the food most associated with addictive-like eating behaviors, according to a study that used the Yale Food Addiction Scale.
Its delicious combination of fat and carbohydrates, along with its texture, color and complimentary taste profile are among the traits that make it so appealing.

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