These boots will make you look like a cartoon — but people can’t wait to buy them

Are you into cosplay? If you’re plugged into luxury fashion’s latest trends, the answer might unwittingly be yes.

From Loewe’s Spring-Summer 2023 Minnie Mouse stilettos (which have already received the Kylie Jenner seal of approval) to Balenciaga’s Hummer Derby clown-like loafers, playful footwear appears to be on the rise. This week, another pair of shoes has entered the chat: The Big Red Boot.

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Unveiled by provocative New York-based art collective MSCHF — the same group responsible for Lil Nas X’s satan sneakers and these eye-wateringly expensive “Birkinstocks” — the giant rubber boots are goofy, impossibly round and suspiciously similar to those worn by Japanese manga character Astro Boy. “Cartoon boots for a Cool 3D World,” read the MSCHF press release. “If you kick someone in these boots they go BOING!”

Sarah Snyder models the boots.

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