Dahm, Douglas: Inside the ‘ghost ships’ of the Baltic Sea

Plunging into the icy waters surrounding Scandinavia, divers Jonas Dahm and Carl Douglas hunt for vessels long lost to the ocean, what they call the “ghost ships” of the Baltic Sea.

Dahm and Douglas are history lovers and long-time friends who’ve devoted some 25 years of their lives to wreck hunting and research.
01 baltic ghost ships
While many of the barnacle-clad vessels claimed by the Baltic Sea have lain in wait for centuries, some are in remarkably good condition due to the preservative effects of the water’s chilly temperatures.
06 baltic ghost ships
On dives, Dahm captures haunting photographs. Intact ship furniture, detailed interior wall carvings and an only-slightly-cracked ship’s clock have all been snapped on the seabed.
05 baltic ghost ships
Dahm and Douglas also spend hours poring over books, researching the wrecks’ histories.
09 baltic ghost ships
A selection of Dahm’s eerie photographs, paired with Douglas’ written reflections, feature in the book
“Ghost Ships of the Baltic Sea,” published by Swedish publisher Bokförlaget Max Ström.
10 baltic ghost ships

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